Garage Door Failure: Avoiding Dangerous Mistakes during Repair


Garage doors are durable, but they are susceptible to degradation and failure. In simple terms, these residential features are quite massive and heavy. Moreover, they are used daily in most homes. These factors can cause significant deterioration of the internal components. As a result, the door might experience a range of problems due to the compromised parts. For instance, the door might fail to open completely. Also, there might be strange noises and even hesitations during operation.

23 February 2021

5 Signs That Your Garage Door Motor Needs Repair


Your garage door motor offers you a level of convenience that's often taken for granted. While the garage door motor can last years without the need for repair or replacement, it's not uncommon for it to break down or malfunction. If you are facing some problems with it, it's best that you find a garage door motor repair service expert. The expert will determine if the malfunctioning motor calls for a repair or a replacement.

17 August 2020

4 Reasons to Consider Professional Garage Door Installation Services


Property owners should understand that the doors and the overall condition of their garages impact the value of their houses. Whether you are planning to replace your doors or you need them serviced, it is not advisable to consider DIY options. Always leave this work to garage door specialists who possess requisite skills. Seasoned specialists will take care of the repair, maintenance or installation work professionally and give your property an excellent look.

16 July 2020

Benefits Of Sectional Garage Doors


When installing a garage door, you'll come across several models, each with unique benefits. One possible design is a sectional door. Here are some of the advantages that this style provides. Convenient Opening Mechanism With multiple hinged panels that glide up tracks along the side of your garage opening, these doors let you park up close before operating. The panels move vertically and then horizontally across the ceiling space, rather than swinging outwards over the driveway.

26 September 2019

4 Surefire Ways To Avoid Spending Too Much On Garage Door Repair


The door sticking while opening and closing, or failing to open and close altogether is always a tell-tale sign that you need to look into garage door repair. There are, of course, other signs to look out for, including noisy operation and the door looking saggy, among other signs. That said, garage door repair can be quite costly. To avoid having to spend so much on these repairs, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

24 September 2019

Three Signs It's Time to Replace Your Garage Door


Your garage door is the first thing people see when they look at your home. It is also the first line of protection your home has against unwanted entry. It is crucial to make sure that the door is not only aesthetically appealing but also in a functional state. Most garage doors are made to give you service for a number of decades; however, when they aren't properly maintained, they end up wearing down before their time.

23 September 2019

Staying Ahead Of Rust Damage On Your Garage Roller Doors


Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in garage doors. Steel is durable and fairly low-maintenance, but it is also true that, under the right conditions, rust will form on the steel. Allow too much of the rust to build up on your garage doors, and you can say goodbye to the smooth operation of your doors that you enjoy. To avoid this build-up on your roller doors, you can do the following things.

17 September 2019

Watch Out for These 4 Signs That Your Garage Door Rollers Need Replacement


Garage roller doors come with many benefits to homeowners. First, their ergonomic design makes them a space-saving option. The vertical opening fashion of these garage door systems means that you can park your vehicle as close to your garage door as possible without worrying about any obstructions when opening or closing the door. This would be a plus if you have parked vehicles taking up much of the space in your driveway.

6 September 2019

Why Roller Garage Doors Are the Best Choice for Your Car Wash


One of the most important considerations for any indoor car wash is which garage doors you'll use to get cars in and out of your work area. All types of doors can help reduce noise, improve traffic flow and prevent water mess outside. However, beyond that, each type of garage door has its own pros and cons. For car washes, few options are better than commercial roller door installation. Here are the top two reasons why this type of garage door will serve your business best.

31 August 2019

Safeguarding Against Power Cuts When You Have a Garage Door Motor


Garage door motors have a lot of strengths over traditional, manual garage doors. They're far more convenient, they offer great security and they can even have additional features like lighting built in. However, they do also have one weakness—they require power to work. If you live in an area where power cuts are common and your garage has no access from the inside, you may feel put off getting a garage door motor.

31 August 2019