Benefits Of Sectional Garage Doors


When installing a garage door, you'll come across several models, each with unique benefits. One possible design is a sectional door. Here are some of the advantages that this style provides.

Convenient Opening Mechanism

With multiple hinged panels that glide up tracks along the side of your garage opening, these doors let you park up close before operating. The panels move vertically and then horizontally across the ceiling space, rather than swinging outwards over the driveway. If several cars use the drive or space is scarce, these doors make the best use of the layout, providing convenient access.

Suits Many Garage Layouts

Because sectional doors move upwards and horizontally across the garage ceiling, they need little headroom—the area between the top of the opening and the ceiling. Thus, sectional doors suit many garage layouts. The only limitation is that you can't place lighting or overhead storage in the ceiling space where the panels glide across.

Design Versatility

The panels are available in a vast range of materials and hues so you can match virtually any home architectural style and colour palette. Select from steel, aluminium and vinyl in an endless array of hues, including grey, cream, fawn, red or green. Timber models can feature many shades, such as warm honey, pale beige or dark chocolate. You can install embossed panels for a classic look or a range of other ribbing textures.

Provides Window Options

Because these doors use several hinged panels, you can mix and match the sections to include window panels. Various designs range from rounded sunray designs to a row of multiple square windows for a more minimalist look. The windows break up the monotony of a flat door, adding depth and dimension. As well as adding decorative appeal, the windows allow natural daylight into the garage; thus, you can save on energy costs. You can also install ventilated models with fixed grills or vents to allow fresh air to flow freely into the garage. 

Strength And Resilience

Being fixed to the side rails when closed, sectional garage doors are secure and stay in place even during windy conditions. Their structure creates a formidable barrier for any would-be criminals. You will have a range of resilient, long-lasting materials to choose from. Aluminium naturally resists rust, and steel panels are typically galvanised, covered with an anti-corrosive zinc film. Alternatively, Colorbond panels use a zinc-aluminium alloy layer with a top coat of baked-on, durable polyester paint. Other possible substances, such as timber and vinyl, provide extremely durable options also.

If you need a new garage door, talk with a garage door professional about your options. 


26 September 2019

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When my garage door stopped working, I didn't have the first idea of what the problem might be. I contacted a local garage door repair service and they said they would send a contractor out to examine the door. Once the contractor had taken a look, he reported that the springs within the door mechanism were broken. He then got to work repairing the problem. Within an hour or two, my garage door was operational again. The contractor explained that he thought I had been opening the door incorrectly and placing too much strain on the springs. He gave me lots of useful tips which will help to avoid this problem in the future.