Why Roller Garage Doors Are the Best Choice for Your Car Wash


One of the most important considerations for any indoor car wash is which garage doors you'll use to get cars in and out of your work area. All types of doors can help reduce noise, improve traffic flow and prevent water mess outside. However, beyond that, each type of garage door has its own pros and cons.

For car washes, few options are better than commercial roller door installation. Here are the top two reasons why this type of garage door will serve your business best.

Roller Doors Maximise Your Space

As with any business, it's important to maximise the use of your space at your car wash. Each square metre of your premises costs you money every month, so most car wash owners opt for the smallest property for their needs. The more you can fit into that space, the more customers you can take on, giving you more revenue without the need to upgrade to a bigger plot. When it comes to garage doors, nothing beats roller doors for maximising space. A traditional single solid garage door opens out horizontally with a sizeable kick-out, taking up a considerable amount of room. Roller doors, on the other hand, are made up of folding sections, allowing them to open upwards. This significantly reduces the amount of space you need to operate the door, allowing you to use that saved space for another business essential like storage.

Roller Doors Have Great Insulation

Insulation isn't something most car wash owners consider—after all, it has no effect on how clean the cars get. However, it's important to have a well-insulated space if you want happy, productive workers and low bill costs. Due to the size of most car washes and their lack of overall building insulation, your work area can often become cold, draughty and uncomfortable inside. This will quickly make employees disgruntled, less productive and unhappy with their job. Car wash owners often combat this by paying for central heating, but heating a space as big as a car wash can be incredibly costly, eating into your profits. Roller garage doors are one way to combat this. Since they're made to measure, they fit your carwash with perfect accuracy, leaving no gaps that let hot air out. This keeps your car wash warm without needing to turn the heating up to max, ensuring your workers are comfortable and your heating bills are reasonable.


31 August 2019

Garage Doors: Dealing with Faulty Springs

When my garage door stopped working, I didn't have the first idea of what the problem might be. I contacted a local garage door repair service and they said they would send a contractor out to examine the door. Once the contractor had taken a look, he reported that the springs within the door mechanism were broken. He then got to work repairing the problem. Within an hour or two, my garage door was operational again. The contractor explained that he thought I had been opening the door incorrectly and placing too much strain on the springs. He gave me lots of useful tips which will help to avoid this problem in the future.