How Roller Shutters Enhance Your Home


If you're looking for a way to enhance your home, both functionally and aesthetically, you could install roller shutters. Read on to discover several ways they can help.

Offers Security

A window might allow daylight inside, but it also provides an access point for burglars who could attempt to jemmy the frame. Roller shutters provide the ideal solution. Typically made of steel or aluminium, they fit snugly against the outer side of the windows. As well as blocking entry, they act as a deterrent, signalling to intruders that you value security. When at work or on holidays, roller shutters will provide peace of mind.

Protects From The Elements

During storms and wild weather, airborne debris can fly against glass windows, causing them to break. Loose debris can lead to further damage indoors or, worse still, to injuries. With a storm fast approaching, don't be that person outside at the last moment, bordering the windows. Simply lower your rollers shutters to keep you snug inside while the wind rages outside.

Decorates Your Home's Exterior

Roller blinds provide a smart, sleek look for a home, preventing it from looking bland. Available in various muted blues, pinks, greys and creams, they can coordinate with the colour palette of your home. Repeat the tone of the fence, guttering or roof on the window coverings. Alternatively, use contrast. For instance, install dark dusky blue blinds against pale off-white rendering. When open, the shutters fit neatly into a slim cassette above the window. Using metal rather than fabric, they provide a clean, minimal look.

Insulates Your Home

During summer, as the hot sun blazes through windows, it bakes the flooring and furnishings within, which absorb the heat and release it into the room. While your air conditioner works hard to cool your home, the sun works hard to heat it. Roller blinds stop the cycle, preventing the indoor temperature from rising. Thus you will save on energy costs as you turn down the air conditioner. The slats on the roller blinds contain insulating materials that help to regulate your home's temperatures. And a reflective coating bounces solar heat away.

Blocks Noise

If you live near a busy airport or road, the noise might prevent you from sleeping soundly. Roller shutters can seal up your indoors and block up to 50% of noise. Some undergo engineering to achieve this, so check with the manufacturer for detailed advice on the acoustic qualities of particular roller shutters.


20 August 2019

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