Benefits Of Installing Residential Roller Shutters


While your focus might be on internal window dressings, installing external roller shutter on your home adds value, both in terms of function and aesthetics. Read on to find out several benefits.

Provides Security

Windows are vulnerable entry points that burglars can target, either attempting to jemmy out the frame or break the glass. To help prevent this, install roller shutters. Typically using sturdy metal or plastics, they fit tightly against the window, making life difficult for would-be intruders. A roller shutter has deterrent value also, giving the message that your home is secure and difficult to penetrate. If you're away on holidays, you can feel safer knowing you've taken all measures to secure all access points to your home.

Lowers Energy Costs

Windows typically easily allow solar heat to quickly move through, allowing your home to heat up in summer and lose warmth in winter. Once solar radiation passes through the glass and rests on furniture and flooring, those surfaces absorb heat, making the entire room hotter. Shutters with a reflective coating repel solar heat, maintaining inner coolness. So your air conditioning won't be working doubly hard to counteract these effects. As well, the slats in roller shutters often contain insulating materials, which can create a more efficient home in winter. The extra insulation helps to hold warmth inside so you'll rely less on your heating system.

Design Options

Roller shutters are available in a variety of colours and profiles, letting you install the most flattering design for your home's facade. A variety of dusky blues, rich creams, or heritage reds and greens provide attractive accents. For a sleek effect, match the shutters to the siding for a seamless impression. Alternatively, create contrast or repeat the roof or garage-door hues to coordinate the entire facade. 

Light And Privacy

Roller shutters can help you deal with the surrounding environment. If you live in a built-up area, they offer privacy. As well, different models block noise in greater and lesser amounts. Traffic, aeroplanes or noisy neighbours can interrupt a good night's sleep. Closing your shutters will seal your home from outdoor disturbances, creating a safe and comfortable haven.

Operating Options

You can operate residential roller shutters manually or with a remote or light switch, installing whichever option you prefer. Some automated models contain sensors, and they automatically close in certain conditions. So even if you're not home, the shutters protect your home from the environment.


20 August 2019

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