Helping You Choose Garage Door Material


If you are looking into constructing a garage, you need to find suitable garage door material to suit your lifestyle and budget. You have several options, which can be vinyl, aluminium, steel, wood or fibreglass.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors look great, and you can find many designs in the market to suit your home's aesthetics. You may, however, find that wooden garage doors are expensive because they are made out of quality wood. The wood used has to be of the highest quality to prevent burglars from breaking into your garage. If you go for cheap wood, there might be an absent feature; therefore, always ask what you are getting from the wooden garage door.

Wooden garage doors also require regular maintenance to ensure they last long. They are vulnerable to many substances such as water, pests, chemicals, ice, sun, fire, etc. Extra care has to be taken.

It is important to note that you can buy a different garage door material and have a wooden-like finishing. This is great because it gives you the benefits of other materials while also offering the aesthetics of wooden garage doors.

Aluminium Garage Doors

The reason why people go for aluminium doors is that they are strong and light. They don't dent easily. They can, however, be expensive. Some people get aluminium doors that are mixed with other materials because they fetch a lower price. You need to be careful when doing this to ensure you get a door that does not dent. These mixed material aluminium doors can also be heavy, which beats the purpose of getting aluminium doors.

Steel Garage Doors

When choosing steel garage doors, go for galvanised steel. This is steel that has been coated with zinc. Galvanised steel is corrosion-resistant. If there is an impact on the door, it can dent, unlike aluminium garage doors. Another good thing about steel garage doors is you don't have to carry out regular maintenance. They are not affected by many substances, like wooden garage doors.

Vinyl Garage Doors

If you want garage doors that do not dent, go for vinyl garage doors. They are easy to maintain and resistant to almost all damaging substances. The only downside is that you may not have many design and colour options to choose from.

Fibreglass Garage Doors

The reason why people go for this garage door is because of its cheapness and ability to look like the other garage door materials. If your region is cold, avoid these doors because they can break. You, however, need to maintain the fibreglass door to prevent yellowing.

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9 August 2019

Garage Doors: Dealing with Faulty Springs

When my garage door stopped working, I didn't have the first idea of what the problem might be. I contacted a local garage door repair service and they said they would send a contractor out to examine the door. Once the contractor had taken a look, he reported that the springs within the door mechanism were broken. He then got to work repairing the problem. Within an hour or two, my garage door was operational again. The contractor explained that he thought I had been opening the door incorrectly and placing too much strain on the springs. He gave me lots of useful tips which will help to avoid this problem in the future.