Types Of Garage Doors


When it's time to upgrade your garage door, you'll have a range of opening mechanisms to choose from. Which is best depends on the space around the entryway and the style of your home. Here are several garage door possibilities.

Roller Doors

An advantage of a roller door is its opening mechanism; the corrugated curtain rolls up into a compact bundle over the garage opening. Because it doesn't swing outward, you can park close to the door before opening. Its neat operation means it doesn't move across the ceiling or along the walls so that you can maximise your garage space. You don't need to modify light fittings or shelving to accommodate the opening mechanism. However, once rolled up, the door requires a degree of headroom, some space between the top of the door opening and the ceiling. Usually being made of durable steel, these doors are available in an assortment of colours so that you can coordinate the entrance to your home's facade.

Tilt Doors

Another possibility for your garage is a tilt door. When opening, springs raise the door upwards to a horizontal angle above the garage entryway. Its movement requires space in front so it can swing upwards; this means you need to park back slightly from the door before opening. Additionally, this model needs ceiling space, which can limit where you install lighting or other elements. Being one panel, this fabrication offers a wide variety of designs, materials and colours to ornament virtually any building.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors use multiple panels with connecting hinges. These structures open by gliding upwards along tracks and across the ceiling. Because they don't swing outwards, you can park as close as you like before operating. Requiring little headroom, this mechanism fits many garages. However, the door does glide horizontally close to the roof, so you need to allow for that when placing light fittings.

Steel, aluminium, timber or vinyl are several of the materials that can go into the making of the panels. Sections with windows or ventilation that allow light or air to flow add comfort to the garage space. This model offers vast decorative options, giving you great flexibility when it comes to coordinating the door with the landscape.

Flex-A-Door Models

Flex-a-door garage doors combine features of roller doors and sectional doors. They use a corrugated curtain, which looks like a roller door. But they open by sliding along tracks, upwards and parallel to the ceiling, similar to a sectional door. Often using durable Colorbond steel, these models are available in a range of beautiful colours, which you can coordinate with other metal components, such as gutters and fences.


12 August 2019

Garage Doors: Dealing with Faulty Springs

When my garage door stopped working, I didn't have the first idea of what the problem might be. I contacted a local garage door repair service and they said they would send a contractor out to examine the door. Once the contractor had taken a look, he reported that the springs within the door mechanism were broken. He then got to work repairing the problem. Within an hour or two, my garage door was operational again. The contractor explained that he thought I had been opening the door incorrectly and placing too much strain on the springs. He gave me lots of useful tips which will help to avoid this problem in the future.